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1st-Jan-2020 12:00 am - Welcome

Shige says hi. Tego, Shige, Nakamaru and I are organizing study dates. Want to join? (>^_^<)

I decided to go friends only because... Well, I dunno really. I just wanted to. My old journal became totally busy. Plus the username was totally incriminating. It's still fully unlocked but I wont be using it anymore.

I don't bite. Really. ^_^. I'm kind of like the female version of Koyama. Oh wait, Kei-chan is female enough. Um.. Nakamaru. Is he more manly than Koyamama? Maybe. Sort of. Well then, that should work. LOL.

If you're adding me, drop a message first. I won't add you back unless you do, sorry. Don't worry, I'm online almost 24/7 (yes, even when I'm sleeping, my computer is turned on) so I'll be able to get your message right away.

Just a super short reason why you're adding me would suffice... ^_^

What I'm into:Collapse )
OHGAD. HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN ON ELJEI? Ans: Too long for me to keep track. 2 deleted journals and 1 that will be inactive from now on. Yesh. This is the life of some bored-out crazy girl.
31st-Dec-2019 11:59 pm - Kimono count
Women's Kitsuke

1 chuuburisode (awase)
2 kakeshita (awase)
1 iromuji (awase)
1 tsukesage (hitoe)
4 komon (3 awase, 1 ro)

1 ro
1 lined
1 furisode hanjuban + susoyoke set

1 chuuburisode-length uchikake (made by me)
1 full-length michiyuki
2 hakama


1 chuuya
1 maru
2 fukuro
2 Nagoya
1 unsewn fukuro Nagoya hakata
2 synthetic polyester hanhaba
3 silk hanhaba (1 sha hakata, 1 awase hakata, 1 awase)
1 tsuke obi for furisode

+ 19 synthetic polyester hanhaba for sale

1 futatsuba geta
1 komachi geta
2 zouri
3 zouri-bag sets

5 obi makura
8 obi jime
3 obiage
1 korin belt
1 date jime w/clips
1 velcro date jime
2 eri shin
1 tsuke eri
1 pair cotton tabi
6 pairs stretch tabi (like normal socks)
3 obi ita
1 hip pad
1 dance sensu

Men's Kitsuke

1 5-mon black formal kimono
1 obi
1 umanori hakama
1 ro andon hakama
10th-Jun-2011 01:52 am - Kimono Photoshoots Cebu
Super huge osm banner under the cut:

Kimono Photoshoots CebuCollapse )

I've been busy lately with this huge kimono project, documenting my stuff and having lotsa photoshoots. Go ahead and click on the photo, then like the Facebook page. You know you wanna.

~Lotsa thanks to Mai, Whynn, Siobe, Miyu, Kaichou-dono-hime-sama, Bugz, Carmie, Michelle, Andy, Steve, Chinky, Lucille and lotsa more people who made the 2 shoots work. Till the next shoot guys!
21st-Jan-2011 01:14 am - Moving
No, I'm not moving addresses. Neither am I moving my journal. I'm just going to be moving my kimono, karyuukai, and traditional stuff to another journal, which will be f-locked. I'll be leaving 3 entries regarding those topics, the "You call that a maiko/geiko costume" series and my kimono count (which btw, will be duplicated in the new LJ).

It will be "Ichigen-san okotowari" (first-timers not allowed), in other words, a fully f-locked journal so you really need to be

1.) Interested in kimono, karyuukai, kyomai and other traditional Japanese arts
2.) Either be my friend in RL, know one of my friends in RL (who will refer you to me), or know me in the geimaiko/kimono community
3.) Be a mutual friend to at least one of my mutual friends in the new journal.

I'm not giving out the username to the new LJ so if you do receive an invitation from me to be your friend, or if I add you back as a mutual friend, it means you're a danna-han!

For the curious people though, I'm totally open to people who want to learn. So add me first in here, and let's be friends before I invite you over there.

Hey, that's how the karyuukai works. And that's how my new LJ will operate. ^_^

Ookini oneehan, oniihan. Yoroshuu otanomoushimasu!
I'm back for the 2nd (and final) installment of this series. I might do a "You call that an Oiran/Tayuu costume?" post if I find enough (ancient) pictures.

As a review, here's part 1 to this 2-part series. You call that a maiko/geiko costume? Part 1 : Maiko

Watch out, this is going to be a Mamechiho and Kikutsuru-fied post XD

Thanks to Onihide, ewoodham, mboogiedown, Harumei and momoyama from Flickr

Long post ahead, although it is shorter than the maiko one...Collapse )

Back to part 1: You call that a maiko/geiko costume? Part 1 : Maiko

Ookini for reading my 2 part lecture. I hope you learned lots.
This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Part 2 is over here: You call that a maiko/geiko costume? Part 2 : Geiko

I'm one nitpicky girl. And I kind of criticize everything I see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel... even myself (oh god, I'm my own worst critic). So when it comes to a hobby I have diligently researched about, I CANNOT BEAR when it becomes so BLATANTLY DISRESPECTED by other people (wtf is up with all these bathrobe geisha).

Here's a super short and condensed version of what I know about the karyuukai (flower and willow world) so far.

I've decided to compile a list of TO-DOs for people who want to cosplay as maiko and geiko of Kyoto. The manner of wearing has been established since about Edo period and has not changed much over time, except probably the popular designs and fashions. I will not explain much of the terms because GIYF.

Pictures are from KyotoMaikoCH, Onihide, Kofuji, fuyou-hime, Joi, etc. Flickr people mostly

Super long entry under the cutCollapse )

There you have it. I did make a point of having all 5 kagai (hanamachi) represented. Wait, lemme check...
Yup, that's 5. Gion Kobu, Gion Higashi, Pontocho, Miyagawa-cho and Kamishichiken. I had the hardest time looking for appropriate photos of Gion Higashi girls because they're extremely rare (only about a handful) whereas I can easily find Gion Kobu and Miyagawa-cho girls. It doesn't help that my favorite maiko are in Gion Kobu.

Currently, I haven't found a "favorite" from the other kagai yet however, my former favorite, Kikuyu-san was from Miyagawa-cho that's why I'm a bit familiar with that Kagai. I'm beginning to like other kagai for their geiko, especially Kamishichiken's Umeha and Miyagawa-cho's Kikutsuru (okiya oneesan of Kikuyu, Kikune and Kikushino) however Gion Kobu to me remains the most familiar and thus, my favorite.

My current favorite geiko is a toss between Miyagawa-cho's Kikutsuru and Kikuno and Gion Kobu's Mamechiho (who is totally ebiiiiiil osm funny) since my former favorites have quit (Kotoha, Suzuha, etc.) These girls are all tachikata geiko (atm) however I do have one favorite jikata geiko, Mameyoshi of Gion Kobu, who has this wonderful deep husky voice for a member of the karyuukai (they usually have these cutesy voices). I found her when I was looking into Mamechiho-san's videos coz she usually the one sings and plays the shamisen for Mamechiho-san's ozashiki.

And CLEARLY, my favorite maiko is Ayano-san of Gion Kobu (there's another Ayano-san from Pontocho, different kanji). She's originally from Tokyo and entered the karyuukai when she was 16 (she quit school during her 2nd year of senior highschool, I think) and debuted when she was 17. She's like the cutest thing EVER. I call her the Tegoshi Yuya of Kyoto. Coincidentally, Tego's attitude is like Mamechiho-san's: loves to play pranks, Do S-ish, but is so adorable that she charms the pants off people. Ayano-san is just as charming. She did attempt to speak English at an ozashiki and it was funny and cute, I totally died of cuteness overload.

My second favorite would be the maiko Kyoka who totally looks like A DOLL. She looks really cool and mysterious and kind of snotty but she's really shy and cute. My third favorite is between Kyoka-san's oneesan in the okiya, Sayaka-san (who might debut next year), Mamechiho-san's imouto (in the okiya who will debut as a geiko at the end of November) Mamehana-san and Ayano-san's imouto in the okiya, Fumino-san. I hope they all graduate to geiko status and not quit so fast.

Go on to read part 2: You call that a maiko/geiko costume? Part 2 : Geiko
22nd-Sep-2010 07:25 pm - RUSH SALE
Here's what happened:

I pre-ordered my Dare Kiss DVD ages ago, probably within the first 3 days after it was listed on CD Japan. I chose EMS shipping then.

In July, someone said Dare Kiss was available for pre-order and I forgot that I ordered it the first time so ORDERED AGAIN, this time I chose FedEx.

The FedEx one came September 10, a day after the DVD release (obviously, the rips you have downloaded are from the FedEx one). Then this morning, September 22, the second DVD came to my house.


So now I have 2 DVD copies of Dare Kiss.

And I'm selling the 2nd one for Philippine buyers.


Php 3000. Inclusive of shipping. YES. I'm selling it at a loss just so I can get rid of it immediately.
Payment is via bank deposit only (so you won't have to pay any additional fees).

REPLY HERE IF YOU WANT IT. All comments will be screened.
15th-Sep-2010 12:34 pm - The GIANT Tutorial post
How to join *.001... etc files using HJSplit:

1. Google HJSplit
2. Download
3. Unzip the files
4. Ensure files to be joined are all in the same folder
5. Open the unzipped HJSplit application
6. Click the "Input File" button
7. Browse for the *.001 file that you want to join, single click on it and choose open or directly double click on it.
8. Click the "Start" button
9. Wait PAITENTLY *most important part!*
10. Click OK when HJSplit says it's done.

How to use soft subs:

1. Google GOM Player or VLC Player.
2. Download (either one is fine although I prefer VLC coz it will show overlapped-timing subs, GOM automatically rejects the other)
3. Install
4. Ensure that your video file and subtitle file is in the same folder.
5. If necessary, rename your files.
subtitles.ass ---> movie.ass
subtitles.srt -----> movie.srt
The easiest way to do this is by right-clicking on your mouse and choosing rename.
6.Play your video using the player you installed in #3.

How to change file extensions:

1. Click on START (Or the circular Windows button if you're on Vista/Win7)
2. Go to Control Panel
3. Find Folder Options
4. View >> Advanced Settings
5. Uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types"
6. Press OK
7. Go back to the folder with the file you need to change.
8. Rename to desired file extension.
9. If you want, you can go back to Folder options and re-check the "Hide file extensions".

Any questions? XD Ask away...
20th-Jan-2009 10:31 pm - Photoshop CS4
I'm very busy right now but I'm pretty sure y'all will find this A-MA-ZING!!! (especially you Photoshop buffs out there...)

Remember: AWESOME and AMAZING things do not deserve an LJ cut. So shut up and click on the picture to go to the Flickr page.

Photoshop CS4: As Real As It Gets

Click here to see more pics of the making of this awesome art

Some of you who've seen this may think it's a little bit old (Oct 08 ain't old to me, though) but art is timeless.
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